• Ikusi is the only manufacturer designing and developing solutions specifically for the world of hospitality. We know that it is vital to protect content and our solutions guarantee that Premium content is always protected.

  • We are specialists in offering tailor-made TV network solutions. By designing, developing and manufacturing our own equipment, we are able to cover all the stages in the process, starting from the initial idea through operation, design, deployment and customer support.

  • The television contents offer is something which can consolidate a hotel’s class, category and reputation. Our solutions allow the desired content to be selected simply and easily - any type of signal can be processed and converted to a high-definition output channel.

  • We want the customer to be in charge of choosing content. Our equipment will handle the rest, covering the technological needs completely and ensuring the best signal quality at the lowest maintenance cost.

Companies that trust in us


  • Toledo
    06/02/2016 to 06/04/2016
    Telecom 2016 will be held in Toledo from the 2nd to the 4th of June. In this event, organized by Fenitel, the Spanish federation of telecommunication installers.
  • Dubai
    05/10/2016 to 05/12/2016
    The latest HTNG conference will be held in Dubai from the 10th to the 12th of May, Social Technology Next Generation, is a global commercial association, which aims to improve the
  • Düsseldorf
    04/20/2016 to 04/22/2016
    The technological industry of the hospitality sector will meet from the 20th to the 22nd of April in Düsseldorf, Germany, at the IHTF (International Hotel TechnologyForum).


Why Ikusi?

  • Reliability

    Thanks to its technical dependability and capacity for industrial-scale production, Ikusi is emerging as a committed brand that inspires trust.
  • Thinking in the long term

    Ikusi approaches its services so that they provide value not only today but also tomorrow. It approaches its relations with its customers in the same way.
  • Ability to think ahead

    To maintain its far-sighted outlook, Ikusi seeks fresh business opportunities to innovate and to benefit its customers and users.
  • Scalability

    Flexible, versatile thinking so as to adapt to new demands, uses and or audiences, in terms of products and dealing with its leading audiences.